Frequently Asked Questions

DQR performs background checks on all of their employees. A background check can ensure the safety of you and your home by allowing you to know who is entering your home. 

DQR carries liability insurance and bond.  We also have a policy in place in case something gets broken, damaged or goes missing in your home.

This will provide you with security and peace of mind during the cleaning service. Inform our service technicians if you have any items that require special care. 

DQR technicians bring their own equipment and cleaning supplies. If at any time you prefer to have the technician utilize your cleaning supplies, please inform them before the cleaning. 

DQR is always open to your suggestions and feedback. We provide you with a satisfaction guarantee in the event that you are unhappy with a particular service.

You should be able to openly communicate with them by email or phone to ensure your cleaning needs are being met.


Options include leaving a key under the mat and asking the house cleaner to leave it inside when they’re done, granting access via a keypad or choosing to be home during the cleaning. Make sure both you and your house cleaner are comfortable with the option you choose.

If possible, introduce your pet to the house cleaner before their first visit, especially if you won’t be home during the appointment. Depending on the introduction, you may want to leave the animal in a cage or crate.

Typically, DQR does not charge additional fees for pets.  Inform the representative when scheduling the appointment.

When scheduling the appointment, a DQR representative will review the services to be rendered.  Take time to discuss the services and ensure that your expectations are clear.

DQR will provide a checklist identifying the services to be provided during the visit. Make sure that you are clear on the services that you will receive.

DQR technicians dress in uniforms that includes a bright colored shirt with the DQR logo.  Feel free to ask for the technician’s identification.  You will have your cleaners name prior to the appointment.

DQR offers affordable and fexible rates.

To contact a DQR representative, you may call us at (904) 338-3436.  You may also email us at or visit us on the web at