Our Business Is Making Your Business Shine!

Realtors can use many strategies to help a property shine, but impeccable staging and new carpets can only do so much for a property that is dusty and dirty. Cleanliness is the first thing buyers notice about a property, and a clean home instantly communicates value. So whether you’re showing a fix-it-up foreclosure, a newly updated property, or a brand new dream house, cleaning services are your secret to success! A home must be clean before it goes on the market. At times, homeowners move in a hurry or simply leave a mess—so it’s your job to get that home spick and span before taking pictures for listing or inviting prospective buyers to view the property. DQR services are thorough and act quickly so you can get your valuable properties on the market sooner.

Make it your policy to schedule move-in cleanings for all of your properties; your clients won’t forget the gesture, and you will build a reputation of excellence and generosity among your peers.

Bringing It All Together

Do you have a home on the market to sell or are you thinking of selling your home? Let us give your house a special edge to make it show at its very best! This service can be personalized to your needs, to get the most out of the selling process. If this service is right for you, call us for a free estimate!

Experience Has Its Rewards

Here’s what to expect from DQR:

  • Professional team of house cleaners
  • Detailed cleaning on all surfaces
  • Ceiling fans, light fixtures and baseboards cleaned
  • Clean window sills and dust-free blinds
  • Doors and door frams cleaned
  • Clean interior and exterior of the refrigerator and oven
  • Sparkling cleaned showers, tubs, sinks and fixtures
  • Toilet cleaned and sanitized
  • Dust-free environment
  • Fresh smelling home
  • Windows, baseboards, light fixtures, doorknobs, and door frames cleaned
  • Mirrors, cabinets, and counters are wiped down
  • Floors are swept and mopped
  • Carpeted areas are vacuumed